The margarine was created in order to fatten turkeys,
it is invented in order to feed gees,
to make them as fat as possible, and then,
the idea crossed their mind – to add other ingredients
making a better smell and taste, so people could eat it!
This is just one of the online comments about margarine,
which perfectly illustrates a challenge that Zvijezda has been facing
for years when it comes to their cult product –
Zvijezda stolni /greasy spread for cooking and baking/.
The media does not contribute to this perception
because it often broadcasts negative and inaccurate articles
from the USA, in which margarine is produced
in a completely different way than in the only Croatian factory – Zvijezda.
How to solve this? We invited journalists and gave them an opportunity
to make their own margarine. The process is simple,
while the ingredients are those that we have at home
– oil, water and salt. Try it for yourself!

Client – Zvijezda
Awards: finals HUOJ Grand PRixa 2018
in the category of big companies
Year: 2016

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