Future Tense is a project of Kommunikacijski laboratorij agency
and it is the first domestic and regional B2B conference on futurology.
The fact that public and media space in Croatia is congested
with topics dealing with past rather than with visions of progress,
was one of the main reasons why we launched this conference.
The first conference was held in October 2018 and
we brought together more than 400 participants.
The lecturers were world’s leading futurologists
who discussed with the CEOs of sponsoring companies
about possibility of applying futurological predictions
to business models.

Client: Komunikacijski laboratorij
Awards: 2nd place Conventa Best Event Award 2019;
finals of HUOJ Grand Prix in the category
“Organizacija događaja” /Events organisation/ 2019;
2nd place Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2018
Year: 2018 – ongoing

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