• Public relations
  • Event Management
  • Digital communications
  • Public relations

    Designing communication strategy, research, planning and executing those plans to better the image that organisations, an individual or an institution have in the public eye.

    Event Management

    Events are the most direct way in which our target audiences are able to experience the unique world of a brand or company. Combination of experience, creativity and planning ahead is what separates a successful event from the unsuccessful one. Our event management team has a longstanding experience in creating such event for various audiences.

    A good event will take advantage of all technical and creative aspects in order to create a special atmosphere that will stimulate connectivity, transfer all key messages and work on your brand recognizability.

    Digital communications

    New media have changed the landscape of our world entirely and provided public relations with a new outlet.  When we talk of online public relations we are primarily referring to social media, blogs and forums, but they are merely a facet of online public relations. Choosing key words, transferring messages and cooperation with the media in that sphere are a completely new aspect of every PR persons work, and therefore our agency’s work as well.                                                                                     

    Today digital communication is part of literacy for every communication expert and transferring messages in real time is the basis for successful online communication campaigns. Just as the online communication today is integral to communication in general, so its experts are an integral part of public relations. Therefore, digital experts in Komunikacijski laboratorij agency work hand in hand with PR experts to ensure optimum result –  deliver key messages on all relevant channels, design a truly integrated communication strategy, locate all of your target audiences and engage with them for you, as well as establish two-way communication with them!