Event management

How to achieve the “wow!” effect on attendees of an event

Why is the organization of events an integral part of public relations? It is because each event builds the story of the brand that we use to convey an emotion to guests.


The primary consideration while planning the event is an experience that we want to offer guests, and that experience needs to tell the story of the brand for which the event is done. The easiest part is to rent the space and organize catering. However, we won’t achieve anything with empty and incomplete content. Every detail has to be dedicated to that emotion which stays with the guests after the event. Details are often the key of every successful event, and to achieve this we need to manage the entire project very carefully and thoroughly – from the planning phase to the coordination of all the suppliers, and the execution of the event.
In the process of organizing an event probably the most challenging segment is the creative development of the story and getting the project “on its feet”.

Therefore, the content should primarily achieve the desired communication and business goals, and at the same time be approved by clients as well as justify the invested budget. A special challenge is to offer content when that same budget is quite limited. In these situations, the „creative wheels“ have to spin especially quickly in order to get a story on its feet which will be just as effective as the story accompanied with much bigger budget. In the creative process, which can be very entertaining, some very good and attractive ideas might easily “go by the board” because, according to our market, suppliers, contractors and the budget, they are simply not feasible or we cannot afford them. Pity!


While designing the content, every event manager should set a goal that every guest leaves the event thinking: “Wow! I have never seen something like this”. During these 10 years of organizing all kinds of events, it is always a great challenge to organize a short performance between the rest of the program.


It is necessary to come up with something that would leave a big impression on the guests, and yet relate to the theme of the event. Such performance is most often made as an introduction or during the break at business conferences, VIP events, sports events…

When thinking about things available at our market, the performance types are the following:

  • Dance (individuals or groups, dancing on silk, acrobats…)
  • Acting
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Music (Ana Rucner, quartets, 2 Cellos, drummers, saxophonists…)


And all of this is already seen in Croatia, in some form, at some events.
Recently we organized an event on the occasion of 300 years of Martell cognac in the Art Pavilion in Zagreb, and a special guest was their ambassador that was, before the event in Zagreb, a guest on the same anniversary of Martell in New York, Singapore, London and Paris. He was the right person to ask whether he saw some spectacular performance before the start of the official part of the event. He said there were short performance of the dance groups in New York and Singapore, and stand-up comedy in London.


Thus, even in the rest of the world, in societies which we find innovative, nothing different is happening from what we have already seen in Croatia.

The only thing left is always trying to come up with something new within the limits of what has already been designed and to request from individuals or groups to rehearse something that usually is not performed. At Abrakadabra’s events we had the opportunity to listen to a string quartet which performed on iPads instead of instruments, professional singers disguised as catering staff, dancing shadows etc.

The key is to come up with something unexpected which certainly makes a “wow!” effect on the invited guests. If we achieve that they later retell their colleagues and friends about the experience, we can declare the event successful.


What are your experiences with events? What impressed you enough to think: “Wow!”?