Digital communications

Too much communication?

There are days when I experience complete overload of communication capacity: simultaneous my mobile phone is ringing, fixed telephone, Skype, sms, FB messages, Slack, Viber, WhatsApp, Twitter DM… and now and then even fax messages arrive. In moments like this, it comes to my mind that I have had enough of communication channels and I’m making a promise to myself that I won’t be using Snapchat any time soon.

Posibbilities of communication which are on disposal today are beautiful, but I can not, at least now and then, ignore the feeling that there are too much of them. My generation started business communication in time when email was a weird novelty. On my first job, we have sent to our colleagues in Great Britain croatian font with computer disk (with great cost), because we did not know that there is an attachment. J we were bringing power point slides to photo studio to print them as a real photo slides so that they can be projected on the business conference.

Before my colleagues say that I’m a dinosaur and that the problem is with us who are a little older (forties seem to be the new seventies), I think that the problem is not with our age, and the problem is not because older people can not adopt new channels of communication. It seems to me that younger generations also communicate on very small number of channels – private messages on social media are the main choice, along with video chat (Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime). Even their e-mail sucks. And there is no chance that they are going to answer their phone, not to mention send a letter.

Thereby, I do not think that some channel or way is better than the the other, except live communication. It’s the matter of choice.

I’m convinced that the problem is in number of channels which are stuggling for attention and time – and both of these resourses are limited. At the end of the day, it seems like – the more channels there are, the less you communicate.

On how many channels do you communicate? When do you know that you had too much communication?