Why we will never employ a car mechanic in PR department?

New employee interviews can be interesting, inspiring and motivating. When you have the opportunity to talk to people from the industry, professionals who want to be doing exactly this job, and at your agency, when you meet interesting individuals and find mutual business interest.


And then, there is the frustrating part.


When we publish a job opening, we try to be as specific as possible. And we mean it. If we wrote we are looking for a diploma, we mean it. It means that we do not have any intention whatsoever to hire a person without a degree. If we say we are looking for minimum of three years agency experience, it really means a minimum of 3 years. Or 1095 days. In an agency. Not on a reception, or production. In an agency!

I believe that employers have much to learn about candidate selection process, and I find it unacceptable not to reply on each and every application, or not to give feedback to candidates who were not chosen, I also find unacceptable that persons without qualifications described in the job opening are sending their applications and wasting our time. Personally, I do not perceive it as being motivated and proactive; I perceive it as not reading the terms.


What are your experiences with job interviews?