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  • Komunikacijski laboratorij is an independent regional agency specializing in market communication, public relations, digital communications and event management, whose expertise has been experienced by a great number of our clients and brands that we are working with. Agency began working in 2004 as Abrakadabra Integrirane komunikacije and specialized in event management and public relations. Expanding its portfolio of clients and services, the agency early on identified trends in the industry and focused its business sights on the broader region. As a result, in 2011 the agency opened its office in Belgrade, and a year later formed sister company Ping Pong for two-way communication due to the advent of social media.

    2015. marks a great turning point in our history. Celebrating the ten years of successful business, served as the basis for pondering on the direction in which the agency would continue to develop. As many times before, we were among the first to identify new trends in the industry and adapt to new times and changes it brought along. Trend of expanding regionally, integrating services and tearing down  the rigid barriers between online and offline communication we have integrated all sister companies into one well rounded whole, called Komunikacijski laboratorij. The story of our agency is best described as a story of wizards who have transformed into scientists, due to hard work and effort.


    By providing unparalleled quality communication services in line with our clients’ business goals we are able to grow ourselves.


    Be the first choice of every company looking for expert and creative communication services in the region.
    By investing in our employees, it is our goal to foster a team sharing the same values.



    In 2014 Komunikacijski laboratorij has partnered with Novum Worldwide, an international network of independent agencies, as a representative in the Adriatic region of Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

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    Komunikacijski laboratorij team

    We employ positive, client-oriented, organised and communicative team players. We appreciate top experts who are passionate about public relations and who are dedicated to continuous growth and learning. Our team consists of experts in the field of communication, public relations and event management. They have acquired their experience in the field of journalism, corporative communication, digital communication and marketing, and now they use their experience towards envisioning and implementing optimum communication projects for our clients. Great number of domestic and international clients that we had the priviledge to work with can vouch for our expertise.